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  • 1RabW8qIf5afl2ztec1lZ5B3eeUXHUmHnv9AhAu7n9S6eHGQKn

    Digitech AM/FM/SW Rechargeable Radio with MP3


    A tri-band compact, portable AM/FM/SW radio with built-in MP3 player and digital clock. Listen to your favourite local AM/FM stations or international programs on the SW band. You can also connect a USB drive or MicroSD card (not included) and listen to MP3 tracks.

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  • yg3Jf4ejotRISSxDxNNxN8X4C7fXQCanGnO8UMUSKCxSIl8hWb

    Digitech Multiband FM/MW/SW Pocket Radio


    A powerful palm-sized radio capable of receiving FM/MW/SW1-8 bands and with DSP(digital signal processing which reduces interference and improves sound clarity). Features an alarm clock with sleep and wake up to radio function, earphone jack, keypad lock and also a backlit LCD screen, making it an ideal companion for camping and fishing trips, or simply when portability is needed.

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  • AA2080-rechargeable-bluetooth-headset-with-micgallery9-900

    Rechargeable Bluetooth® Headset with Mic


    Lightweight Bluetooth headset that can be connected with two Bluetooth devices at the same time. Talk hands-free while driving, or connect to your Bluetooth enabled PC or PS3 for hands-free chatting on Skype, MSN and other chat programs. Features anti-noise technology for crystal clear conversation, multifunction button for voice command, last number redial, call rejection, and adjustable volume. The built-in Li-Po battery charges from a USB port (USB cable included). Compatible with all Bluetooth mobile phones and smartphones.

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