Vehicle/Dash Cameras

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    Garmin Dash Cam 45

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    Garmin Dash Cam™ Mini

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  • no2YfUrNmAV9E9m8xg7UqGrEDLNBYsoF9TnfUQWiVBMzINaHNK

    Uniden iGO CAM 30 Dashcam


    Full HD Smart Dash Cam With 2″ LCD Colour Screen

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  • Uniden-iGOCam325-Angle-Back-LowRes-rgb

    Uniden iGo CAM 325 Full HD Compact Size Dash Cash


    Uniden offers the latest in vehicle accident recording ‘black box’ technology. Mounted on the inside of the car windscreen, the iGO CAM 325 can automatically detect any sudden changes in car movement through its G-Sensor, such as when an accident occurs, and immediately record the footage in high definition. The vehicle recorder can also loop record which continually records what is happening. This footage can then be used to provide evidence of who is at fault so that drivers can easily report incidents to police and insurance companies.

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