IoT Automation

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  • Milesight-EM300-MCS-LoRaWAN-Outdoor-Magnetic-Contact-Switch-Sensor

    Milesight EM300-MCS LoRaWAN Outdoor Magnetic Contact Switch Sensor


    The EM300-MCS magnetic contact switch can be mounted to any door or window to detect an opening or closing event. It adds physical security monitoring to your location by alarming for intrusion or unauthorised entry to your monitored conditions.

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  • Milesight-EM500-UDL-LoRaWAN-Ultrasonic-Distance-Level-Sensor

    Milesight EM500-UDL-W050 LoRaWAN Ultrasonic Distance/ Level Sensor, IP66, Measuring range: 0.3 ~ 5m


    EM500-UDL provides highly accurate distance measurement for a variety of applications in harsh environments like flood monitoring, wastewater management, fill level monitoring in grains or fertilizer. The measurement is based on ultrasonic waves transmitted and reflected back from nearby objects.

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  • UC501-Controller

    Milesight UC501 LoRaWAN Controller with Rechargeable Battery


    Multi-interface Platform for Connecting Sensors

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  • Milesight-UG67-Outdoor-LoRaWAN-Gateway-IP67

    Milesight UG67 Outdoor LoRaWAN Gateway, IP67


    UR67 Outdoor LoRaWAN® Gateway

    – Suited for hard outdoor environments – IP67 rated enclosure and PoE-PD
    – 1.6GHz 64-bit Quad-Core processor
    – Handles a higher amount of traffic with lower power consumption.
    – New SX1302 LoRa Chip – Supports SF5 & SF6
    – The built-in supercapacitor enables the device to keep working for 1 minute to send an alert after a power outage happens.
    – High capacity – supporting up to 2000 end-devices.
    – Multiple backhaul connectivities. Stay connected via Ethernet, cellular, and Wi-Fi.
    – Integrated internal LoRa, Cellular (selected models), Wi-Fi, and GPS antennas – 2 external LoRa antennas optionally available to strengthen signal coverage.
    – Embedded network server and compatible with multiple network servers
    – Supported by Milesight IoT Cloud (Android & iOS)
    – Flexible installation – pole or wall.

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