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  • rn4a2lna31eETBl45xuH94z6mN4bIBceJlMjFH2DewyS4iw2ti

    1000 Lumen Rechargeable LED torch


    A fully rechargeable tough aluminium alloy torch for your next hunt, or outback journey. Inside is a powerful Cree® XML-U2 able to output up to 1000 lumens.

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  • 5WCo1naBgLYUucREzYdnRUDq5eMoMTekefMBnWFQxNR9OAakEk

    400 Lumen 8W Cree LED Torch

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    Cree XML 550 Lumen Head torch w/adjustable beam


    Light up the way when hiking, camping, caving, or when working on your car or boat. Will output 550 lumens of bright white light which is more than enough for all of the above and more. The headstrap is adjustable and the light beam can be adjusted to suit your needs. To operate simply press the push switch on the battery pack mounted on the back of the head strap. Adjustable headlamp up to 90°

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