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    Boly MG984G-36M 4G Trail Camera

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    Boly SG520 24MP Black IR Trail Camera

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  • CHAW2

    Chuango AW2 Smart Home WiFi Alarm System Kit


    Chuango AW2 Kit offers plus-size or extra protection for your home. It includes an AW2 controller, a pet-friendly sensor, magnetic contact and two remote controls. Connects up to 50 units of accessories. Easy Wi-Fi link and simple setup.

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  • CHPIR700

    Chuango Ceiling PIR Detector


    Chuango Ceiling Mounted PIR Motion Detector provides 360 degree detection range. Suitable for any indoor space, however, is not pet-immune.

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  • CHDWC102

    Chuango Door Window Contact


    Chuango Door/Window Contact (Reed Switch) detects when a door or window is opened. Consists of the Reed switch sensor and a small magnet. When the reed and magnet separate, the sensor sends a signal to the Chuango alarm panel.

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  • CHGT126-1

    Chuango Glass Break Detector


    Chuango Glass Break Detector is used to detect when a window is smashed or shattered. The G5-126 can cover an area of up to 6 x 6 meters so they can protect a number of windows at once

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  • CHKP700

    Chuango Keypad w/RFID Reader


    Chuango Keypad with RFID Reader can be added to your Chuango wireless alarm and are ideal if you have a number of people needing to arm and disarm your alarm system.

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  • CHPIR910-1

    Chuango PIR Motion Detector


    Chuango Pet-Immune PIR Motion Detector used to detect body movement in an open space. Consists of a digital dual-core fuzzy logic infrared control chip. Suitable for small dogs under 25kg.

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  • CHRC80-2

    Chuango RC80 Remote Controls

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  • CHTAG26

    Chuango RFID Tags 2PK


    Chuango RFID Tags can be used to arm and disarm the Chuango G5W (3G) wireless home security alarm. All you need to do is hold the tag up to the G5W (3G) alarm panel and it will arm or disarm the system. Pack of 2.

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    Chuango Smart Home Alarm Kit 3G/4G/Wi-Fi


    Chuango 3G 4G WiFi GPRS Smart Home & Alarm System offers dual protection. Sounds a loud alarm and sends push notification to your smartphone. With 4G/3G sim card inserted, mobile connection acts as a back up to send push notifications.

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  • CHWD80

    Chuango Vibration Detector


    Chuango Vibration Detector will detect the presence of vibration on a flat surface. They can be used on accessible windows as they will detect if someone bangs or tries to smash the window. Sensitivity can be adjusted. Indoor/outdoor use.

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  • kDVa1SkpUJguty2O0saApghS5sOyYG57knivYsF0KLpxU3EH3X

    Commercial Grade Doorway Beam


    Designed for use in shops, restaurants, doctors and dentist surgeries etc. to alert you to the entry of customers.

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  • HrmWYxRz7kSJTE23MNXGsTOKdni3w9R4ykxhrLF2IKthm9JdRO

    Fire Blanket 1m x 1m

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  • EqcvgklYWgp5U2CH5jH3ylv7APJJ3di8ecOBu67WMOa3fj6d05

    Professional Series 6.0MP WDR Infrared Fixed Mini Bullet

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    Reolink Argus 2 Wi-Fi Security Camera

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