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  • Compressed Air

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  • Isopropyl Alcohol

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  • TEt5Pv2TJEOInTiS1LU1zocsAHdt6Hp98dYMLcbmaNNi2sJnTv

    Dust Remover Spray Can 250G


    Non CFC. Non flammable gas which allows removal of dust from electronic, electrical and optical devices. It does not leave residues and is non toxic and non conductive.

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  • T3035

    Isopropyl Alcohol – 125ml


    Isopropyl alcohol can be used as a universal cleaner for electronics equipment. Also commonly known as “rubbing alcohol”. Ideal for removing dust, buildup and marks on casings etc. As well as being a handy way to clean PCB surfaces when servicing. 99.9% purity level.

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  • i0uGvsfa7gBC8TPQaJwaWoFjWJmWa69hXfw23BNotGnmeHnGir

    Isopropyl Alcohol 5 Litre Bottle

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  • q4wNScw6fvAeKgCrUnBIgOAfwpkqz0TgFsCglrorjmcJx0cVvy

    Isopropyl Alcohol 99.8% Spray 250mL

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  • ll579lng3rcnmBuHJOI5uoJiD3dIQ10w9imTUESsjn9ZH4oOSx

    Moki Clean Screen with Chamois Maxi (120mL)

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  • tuJWTYNSyggmNppV0qXdqekftYAWdiRCgpAxsEGzbEs5uMjJtU

    Moki Clean Screen with Cloth (60mL)

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  • UbbheYB3VWXnNkr67iDUdw4htCpkBvhngGs4ocfcuKCSf5EE5r

    Moki Lens DVD/CD Laser Lens Cleaner

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  • x2HNmqAG1df4UylOXqRTLLfnG03rqAaMUxTfu6MSmYHiKbYJAi

    Moki Optical Lens wipes 40 Pack

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    Moki Screen Wipes (50)

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  • NA1070-pcb-and-parts-wash-cleaning-solutionImageMain-900

    PCB and Parts Wash Cleaning Solution


    Cleaning solution for PCB and electronic parts
    – Water based and safe on plastics
    – Removes flux and other residue
    – 1 litre bottle

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  • T3180

    PCB Wash / Ultrasonic Cleaner Solution 1 Litre


    This PCB flux remover & ultrasonic cleaner solution provides an extremely clean and contaminant free surface. It is suitable for both static and ultrasonic cleaner use. Water based

    Kleanium Printed Circuit Board & Electronic Parts Cleaning Solution
    Kleaniumâ„¢ Printed Circuit Board & Electronic Parts Cleaning Solution is a blend of biodegradable solvents and detergents in water. PCB Wash comes ready to use and can be safely use in ultrasonic tanks for various applications including: metal parts degreasing, flux removal, cleaning of sensitive electronic parts.

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