ASPERA Jazz 2 4G Smartphone – White (5″ Display, 8GB Storage)


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The Jazz 2 is a 4.95″ 4G smartphone displaying on an 18:9 aspect ratio screen. It has dual SIM 4G capability, runs on a 1.5GHz quad-core processor and contains 1GB of RAM on an installation of Android 9.0 Go Edition to ensure you have a smooth experience with your device.

The Jazz 2 also comes with 16GB storage (12.19GB available to user after OS), with the ability to expand the storage with a micro-SD card for further capacity.
Android 9.0 Go Edition is one of the latest releases of Android, and the experience is better than ever. With thousands of applications on the Play Store and integrated Google services, the Jazz 2 can be everything you need.

The Jazz 2 design will remind you of the Jazz, which has the same colour design including a removable silver rear casing. With a 1900mAh battery to power you through the day, we aim to offer an amazing experience for an affordable price.


Dual SIM functionality explained

Jazz 2 is designed with 2 sim slots and a separate SD card slot. Both sim cards can connect to separate, or the same, 4G networks simultaneously. Each sim slot has its own IMEI number which is the identifier used by the networks.

In Settings – Network & Internet – Sim cards, the user has several options on how to use the sim cards, as follows:
1. Calls – either sim card may receive a call at any time on the network and frequency the sim card is connected to at that moment, be it 4G or 3G. For outbound calls, the user may choose one sim to make all calls, or if one sim is not chosen for all outbound calls, the phone will prompt the user to choose which sim to use for each individual call.
2. Texts – works the same way as calls. Either sim may receive a text message when connected to the mobile network. The user may choose one sim to send all text messages, or if one sim is not chosen for all outbound texts, the user may choose when writing the text message which sim card should send the message.
3. Data – the user may choose one sim card to use for mobile data at any given time. This choice can be made, and changed, within Sim card settings. If data has been turned off for a sim card, the user must turn it on again for that sim card to use mobile data.
Please note that if either sim is turned off at any point of time and turned on again, you may need to restart the device for the change to take effect.
4. Colour – in Sim card settings a colour may be chosen to represent each of the sim cards, this helps to identify the activity of each sim eg: which sim card has received a text message





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