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Indoor TV Amplifier/Splitter 2 Way

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Indoor TV Amplifier/Splitter 2 Way


The SA162F is a splitter amplifier that is designed to amplify television signals in situations where the picture quality is acceptable on a single outlet but noticeability deteriorates when split between two outlets. The low noise figure and exceptional return loss of the SA162F makes it ideal for both digital and analogue applications.

The SA162F is fitted with ‘F’ connectors. If fitting the SA162F to an existing installation that uses ‘Belling Lee’ connectors, please use the ‘F to Belling Lee’ adaptors provided.

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The SA162F amplifier has 1 input and 2 outputs. After considering the internal loses caused by the splitter, there is a total gain of 16dB at 860 MHz and 12dB at 44 MHz to allow fo signal equalisation. A low noise figure of less than 4dB coupled with an output level of 100dBuV (Din 45004B) makes the SA162F an idea multi-purpose amplifier.


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