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Laser Screen Cleaning Wipes – 10 Pack

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Laser Screen Cleaning Wipes – 10 Pack


Need an easy and quick way to keep your electronic devices clean and tidy? Laser Clean Smart Screen Wipes (10 Pack) is the best solution. These smart screen wipes are useful for cleaning your mobile, touchscreen, laptop, glass, TVs, and other gadgets.
Each wipe has 100gsm high-quality fleece fabrication to leave your electronic devices clean and dust-free. Since the wipes are wet, you do not need any additional chemicals to wipe off screens. Furthermore, the wipes work on an anti-static formulation that dries rapidly after use. So, it leaves your screen sparkling clean.

All you need to do is gently use the wipes on your devices to get rid of fingerprints, grease marks, smudges, dust, spills, oils and dirt from the screens. Plus, the compact design makes it ideal for carrying around in the pocket.

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  •  Feature anti-static formulation for quicker and better cleaning
  •  Ideal for cleaning your electronic devices like laptop, smartphone, TV, computer and more
  •  Includes 10 wipes in the pack that is compact and easy to carry in your bag
  •  Pre-moistened, anti-static and non-streak wipe cleans in one step
  •  Specially formulated to clean your gadgets safely and effectively
  •  Removes dirt, dust, and fingerprints

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