Isopropyl Alcohol

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  • T3035

    Isopropyl Alcohol – 125ml


    Isopropyl alcohol can be used as a universal cleaner for electronics equipment. Also commonly known as “rubbing alcohol”. Ideal for removing dust, buildup and marks on casings etc. As well as being a handy way to clean PCB surfaces when servicing. 99.9% purity level.

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  • i0uGvsfa7gBC8TPQaJwaWoFjWJmWa69hXfw23BNotGnmeHnGir

    Isopropyl Alcohol 5 Litre Bottle

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  • q4wNScw6fvAeKgCrUnBIgOAfwpkqz0TgFsCglrorjmcJx0cVvy

    Isopropyl Alcohol 99.8% Spray 250mL

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